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Ok, it has been happened. Now it is available via WWW. Now everything as planned, but it is working. It has a lot of bugs, of course, but it is working. I hope. So, about "Meet Management", aka MM. The name is ugly I think, but I could not find something else. If you have an idea, please, share it. I definitely want other name. Going back to MM let me give you a bit history of this project.

About one year ago I walked with my 3 daughters around the lake near my house and we got an idea to write some program, just for learning. They are gymnasts, moreover, they are rhythmic gymnast. But they had some experience in artistic gym and even in T&T. The idea was about the gym's meets: to create the DB of the results. I started to do something in that direction, but my kids left me shortly :/. However I liked that idea and I am still on this direction.

At the very beginning I thought it will be very convenient to have a laptop on the meet and put all results there. The program can calculate the results and compare them to other participant. Very good. But after some time I started to generate other ideas and some of them are already implemented. I had to work on Capital Challenge Meet and I added a possibility to show the scoring.

The main idea of this project is: to collect the meets results and to have a possibility to analyze them. I decided it is possible if many people can be involved in this process. How to do that? It is easy! We can have one program, which is accessible via WWW and one portal version of this program, which can be installed on laptop. Then these programs can exchange their data and collect meet results. So, you are able to install the portal version on your home computer and/or on the laptop and use it during the any meet. If you are interested in it - just send me . I will explain you, how to install this program on your computer and use it. I am not going to post all instruction right here, it is so boring :). Probably, I will change my mind, but not right now.

I am not going to cell this program. It is free now. I am not going to create open source project, it is my hobby. I would not want to lose it. I am open to other ideas, if you have them. The program was designed very flexible and could be used for any other gyms (artistic, T&T, etc.). However many features are oriented on rhythmic gym.

So, You Are Very Welcome!
Yours Andrei

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